My 6 Favourite YouTubers


Who even watches TV properly these days? If you’re like me and spend more time watching YouTube then you in front of the TV, then you’ll have your own favourite YouTubers. And while I try to avoid some familiar names like a plague (looking at you Zoella) there are rabbit holes I’ve gone down only to find my new favourite channels.

Here are some of my faves on YouTube.

Peaceful Cuisine

I can’t get enough of cooking shows, but this channel is just the best. This lovely cook in Japan makes very simple to follow (and watch) recipes that are mostly vegan. They always put up the same video twice; once with music and once with just the cooking noises. If you’e someone who has a bit of ASMR, then this might be great for you to listen to with headphones on.

Ethan & Hila

My brother turned my attention to this couple in America who basically does critiques of other videos online. The husband (Ethan) has his own channel called h3h3 which is very big, but I like this more as they turn normal YouTube challenges in to very funny videos.


Another one from my brother. I don’t play video games much but can understand why people love to watch others so much. A few years ago you’d be sitting in someone’s bedroom waiting your turn to get on the play station and now you can watch people brand new games (WHICH COST A LOT) free online. This channel is one of the most popular and known for making up their own games within games.

Chillhop Music

I am terrible at using Spotify and never seem to get the mood right when I’m mooching around the house or just want to chill out. Chillhop has made it stupidly easy to get a playlist that is just right. I put this on some mornings to break me in to the day. On their channel they have a 24 livestream that’s like a radio station of only music like this and it is great.

Brothers Eat Green

For anyone who thinks they’re terrible at cooking, just watch one of these guy’s video and you’ll soon want to whip up a storm in the kitchen. The channel is run by two brothers who try to bring a cheap approach to eating healthy and every once in a while will throw up a video like this that is simply mouth watering.

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