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Finding that perfect deal online for the thing you want is just bliss. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Here are some of the ways I get deals online for everything from makeup and moisturiser to food and styling.

Sephora give samples

I don’t know what rock you;’ve been sleeping under, but Sephora do something incredible on their site; they let you pick samples to get sent. Of course you need to buy something, but find something cheap that you need and you’re getting a few goodies in the post too.

Get some at

You can get cheap extensions


So I am just terrible at applying fake eyelashes. I don’t have the patience or the dexterity to sit in the mirror and carefully apply them one by one. Thats why i get someone else to for cheap! When I feel I need my lashes done, I always have a check on Groupon to see if there are any deals nearby worth scooping are (and there almost are)

You can find local deals for eyelash extensions at

Hip-Hooray for Unidays

Anytime I’m looking on my favourite stores (ASOS, New Look, Missguided) I always do a little sneaky trick. I’ll load up my basket and then just leave it for a few days. Sometimes when I do this the site will email me with a code I can use to get some money off, and when they don’t, I have a jook over on Unidays to see what the latest deals are. I’d recommend that anyone and everyone who can sign up for Unidays uses it. They will usually have much better discounts than other sites and in the lead up to certain times of year that can include 20-30% off orders on sites.

Also, a little pro tip for anyone leaving uni; if you’re allowed to keep your uni email address after you leave, KEEP IT! It can be used to get you Spotify premium for half price for life.

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