What to do this Halloween


It’s close to midnight. Something evil’s lurking in the dark. It’s your imagination having a moment because you didn’t plan for Halloween. Don’t worry though. I have some scarily good tips for how to win at Halloween this year.

Even though we can’t go trick or treating when we’re older (Blasphemous I say!) Halloween is one of my favourite holidays of the year. It’s a chance for anyone to dress up as they like, a chance for people to eat more sweeties than you’re willing to have for the rest of the year and most importantly, it’s a chance to get very stylish.

This year I’ve been skimming through all of my favourites mags for Halloween inspiration and here are some of the best tips I’ve come across.

You don’t need a “costume” costume


Unless you have to go to a party that demands it, there’s no real need to go and buy a dear costume that will be worn once, get a few spilled drinks on it, and then sit in a rubbish bag under the stairs for all eternity. Take a leaf out of the new idea that to look ready for Halloween all you need are a few tweaks on your outfit. Wearing a slime jumper, adjusting your tassels for a more “rocker” look or throwing on some horn with a nice red top (and optional tail) fit in perfectly for Halloween. And you won’t wake up feeling stupid if you have to walk home from a party the next morning.

Don’t buy cheap Facepaint

Walking in to Poundland at 4.59pm on Halloween is like finding yourself in an all out brawl. And one item in particular people clamour for is the face paint. Not only is it made from really cheap stuff, it’s also not the best thing to layer on your face (there has to be a correlation between the number of people who wear facepaint on Halloween and the number of people getting spots a few days after). I’ve found that Pinterest is the best place to get Halloween makeup inspiration. Most of the pins will have links to beauty blogs and YouTube vids that teach you how to apply makeup as all sorts of characters, using all the stuff you have at home already.

And forget about the Pumpkin

Now I do like pumpkin in all its forms; from soup to seed to my beloved PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte), but I know that when you go to the supermarket finding a good pumpkin can be like picking a mushy tennis ball out of a haystack. This year I’m not even going to get one after seeing a lot of spooky looking pineapples pop up on Instagram.

For one thing they;re much cheaper than pumpkins. They also manage to look spookier thanks to all those leaves sticking out the top, and the smell when you throw a candle is much easier to deal with than pumpkin in your living room.

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